Racing Pigeons Books

Having your own little library with racing pigeons books is a MUST on this sport
The more books you have and read the
better you will become !!!
For certanty you do not want to reinvent the racing pigeons sport to become better ...BUT
you do want to become an ACE  in the racing pigeon basics .
Keep things simple but do them the right way.This is where the power of these books comes into play...they all teach you the same basics ...BUT...from a
different perspective .As i said the more you learn the better you will be ...and this my friend is available in all aspects of life.
Here are a few  books that i have bought and red and  i would strongly recomend
them to you:
How to race pigeons
Pigeon Racing Nutrition
Pigeon racing formula
Champion Pigeon Breeding
more books added every day !!!